16 Small Projects to Customize Your Kitchen

Submitted by Ana White on Mon, 02/17/2020 - 11:35
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make your kitchen perfect for your family by adding inserts, drawers, and shelves.  here's 16 of my favorite small kitchen projects that have changed our lives.



In Drawer Knife Block

In Drawer Knife Block plans

store those knives in the drawer safely and securely.  this in drawer knife block works with almost any sized drawer, is easy to build, and inexpensive.



Convert a Shelf into a Pull Out Drawer

pull out kitchen cabinet shelf drawers

instead of throwing a shelf away and buying an expensive pull out drawer, just use the existing shelf to create a drawer!  this is the easiest and least expensive way to add pull out drawers to your kitchen cabinets.



Pull Out Pot Rack

pull out pot rack

tired of stacking and unstacking pots and pans?  or digging for a lid?  our pull out pot rack (with lid storage) changed our lives, and it can change your life too!



Double Pull Out Trash Recycling Cabinet

pull out double trash bins

五星棋牌build a standalone trash cabinet or modify and existing cabinet with our pull out recycling cabinet plans.



Behind the Door Spice Rack

behind the door spice rack

never look for that one spice ever again.  this pull out spice rack is easy to build and mounts to the back of your pantry door.  



Double Sliding Door

double kitchen drawer how to

too deep drawers?  this double sliding door modification can be added to any deep drawer to double the depth.  



Behind Cabinet Door Paper Towel Storage Organizer

paper towel storage organizer

i love this project on cabinet sink doors to keep cleaning supplies and paper towels within easy reach but out of sight.  it's an easy to build organizer - add a paper towel holder to make it even more functional!



In Drawer Tiered Spice Organizers

in drawer spice rack

you won't believe how easy this project is!  adjusts to fit different height spices and different depth drawers.



Full Pull Out Organizer

pull out cabinet doors

turn an shelf cabinet into a pull out drawer organizer with our tutorial.  it's easy to do and you can use your existing cabinet door and shelves for materials.



Add a Drawer Anywhere

add a drawer in your kitchen

in this tutorial, ana shows you how to add a drawer, just about anywhere, with no math, no figuring, and no adjusting!

五星棋牌use this tutorial to convert a toekick into a drawer, or add a drawer inside a cabinet.



Vegetable Bin Cupboard

Vegetable Bin Cupboard

五星棋牌store produce in this vegetable bin cupboard.  we love the enclosed sides to keep the produce out of the sun, and the easy flip down doors for accessing (and cleaning) out the shelves.



Wall Bins

wall mounted produce bins

五星棋牌use your walls to store produce!  i love these wall mouted bins so much, i've since made another one to hold more produce.  easy to build, easy to mount, and oh so functional!



Pantry on the Wall

wall kitchen shelves

五星棋牌build a row of these beautiful shelves to create a pantry on the wall!  we love these shelves filled with simple bins with pantry staples.



Wall Plate Rack

wall plate rack

make dishes easy to reach and put away and free up cabinet space with our wall mounted plate holder.  we love this project because dishes are accessible - you don't have to ask the cook to move out of the way to get a plate.

easy to build with simple off the shelf materials.



Wall Mounted Can Organizer

Can food organizer

shop in bulk?  i do, so i built a wall mounted can organizer so i can put everything away, and know when i need to buy another case.  



Re-useable Container Storage by The Handyman's Daughter

reuseable container organzier

五星棋牌never search for a lid again with this reuseable container organizer!  features and adjustable base design and lid sorting too.

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